What is the worship service like, in general?

During the service, our chief desire is to worship our glorious God. Period. We believe that many present-day embellishments, although offered with good intentions, can actually diminish from, rather than augment, the soul’s ability to commune with God.   Remembering, as the great hymn says, that— “God Himself Is with Us”— we like to keep our hearts focused on our Creator and Redeemer, adoring him in the presence of his blessed Spirit. We believe that beauty is often best displayed in simplicity; therefore, our worship service includes the elements of historic Reformed spirituality by the means of grace.

What kind of music?

We believe that the hymns and psalms sung by God’s people throughout the ages comprise a rich treasury of spiritual wealth and poetic excellence.  Our music and singing present the long traditions of Christian praise and are drawn primarily from the Trinity Hymnal.

What about the sermons?

Sermons are expository and applicatory.  Our pastor usually proceeds through a book of the Bible, a sermon at a time, opening the contents of the Scripture text, while explaining and applying Holy Scripture. We believe the Holy Spirit faithfully blesses the hearing of God’s Word to the heart of the believer in a manner that will strengthen and enhance the Christian’s fellowship and communion with his Savior and help the follower of Christ grow in faithful obedience and love toward God and neighbor in every area of the life we live before and with our Lord.

How long is the service?

The typical time of worship is about an hour in length.

What should I wear?

We are not so formal that suits and dresses are required, although some of our men choose to wear suits and most of our ladies prefer dresses.  Sensibly presentable casual wear is fine and is the choice of dress for the majority of our congregation.

Is there a nursery?

Yes. Our nursery is staffed by responsible, trustworthy members of the congregation.  Most of our congregants prefer having their children present with them during worship.  Whichever you prefer is fine with us.

Are there opportunities for fellowship?

Yes, fellowship is a strong point in this church.  A recent local newspaper article described this congregation as very welcoming, and visitors usually agree.  Our Lord’s Day Morning Worship service is followed by a lunch together (every week) for all who choose to stay, and our Lord’s Day Evening Study is followed by a casual dinner.  We love to make the Lord’s Day special by spending it together.  It would be even more special with you among us.  There are, of course, several other events both on the Lord’s Day and through the week.

With all the violence in the news today, will we be safe at this church?

Located in an idyllically beautiful mountain valley, we enjoy the peace of mind and sense of safety that one would expect.  We do not, however, take for granted the pastoral serenity of our community and surroundings.  We have a well-equipped, police-trained security team watching every corner of our facility, ready to respond if needed.  We think you and your family will be quite safe here.  So, feel at ease and come join us!